i dont know. entahh. seems cannot forget yet. rase rindu dekat dia. yeahh. ofcoz. ive let him go. but, letting someone go does not means you are totally forget about him. i admit it. letting him go, but deep inside i still standing there, waiting for him to grab my hand, kiss it, then with tears, say that he loves me. yahh. dreaming ofcoz. will never happen. *touchinggg

boleh tak macam nak cakap kuatkuat kat telinga dia. nak jerit cakap. ' AKU SAYANG KAU LAH, ROMEO!'
ahhh. yess. romeo. jatuh cinta dengan romeo susah. susah nak letak kepercayaan. entahh. he such my mr. right. taknampak org lain dah selain dia. aku rase dia powerful. sebab ayat memang bagi aku melting selalu. huu

he moves on his own wayy. sebab tu aku suke kot. even dia buat aku macam doll dia. buangbuang campakcampak. tapi, selalu jugak belaibelai,mainmain. yehhh. doll. jangan cakap korg tak pernah buat macam tu kat doll korang. haha. well, back there aku rase aku ialah doll dia. okayy ape dari bantal busyukk. hee

but.. i am still the same emma. okayy. appearance may change. but, inside. im still ema yang ade didikan moral values by her abah and mak. yang tak tahu nak berebut. aku masih ade haty perut. dan aku bukan lah selfish. letting him go. pick his happiness. then, i will support wit a smile in face but tears in my soul ofcoz.

dear him.. your tears in bus really means to me. i dont see any fake on that time. we meet again after diploma. InsyaAllah. but, for all. i still glad. your mom still contact me. making jokes. care of me. being someone in your family such a great deal for me. assalamualaikum.

there a loyal lady, which  fall for a romeo guy. 
for  many years facing difficulties in their relationship,
atlast, his romeo become a loyal man,
standing in front of her house, giving salam, bring a long his rombongan and such hantaransss.
then, he said, the opposites 
' now,there is a romeo guy, which fall for a loyal lady.'


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